About Me

Hey, I’m Matt

Welcome to my travel and photography website. I’m a web designer and consultant, writer, photographer and avid nomad. Here I write about my experiments in location independence, share selected image galleries from my portfolio and talk about travel and photography.


When it comes to photography, there are two things I gain particular satisfaction from. The first of these is taking portraits. I find that if you let them, the eyes tell a compelling story. It’s these stories I want to know, and these stories I want to convey in my work.

Travel Photography & Wall Art

The second is getting absorbed in the natural beauty that surrounds us. I’ve learned that being in nature can be soothing, if you let it. I love to try and capture some of that essence in an image, so it’s always available to us.

One of the things I love most is going on far-flung adventures with my camera. Even better if there’s a motorbike involved! Many of the images you’ll see here were captured in just that way.

You never know who or what you might encounter when you travel with an open mind and heart. That anticipation keeps me searching, and keeps me looking forward to the next adventure.

Web Design

I also design and build websites, including those especially for photographers (yes, this is an example!). Click here to visit my web design business website and read more about this.