The Best Landscape Photography Trick You’ve Never Heard Of

The bane of every landscape photographers’ life must surely be that rude awakening at some ungodly hour by an alarm clock.

The passion for creating memorable images of the natural world motivates us to endure the discomfort, but we wish there was another way.

It’s not just landscape photographers that have to deal with insufficient sleep. Almost every photographer regularly sacrifices shut-eye to shoot in golden light.

But what if I told you there was a surefire way to substantially reduce the angst in waking up?

I’ve had brilliant results from using a sunrise-simulation alarm clock – also known as ‘bodyclock alarms’ or ‘wake-up lights’.

These are alarm clocks with built in lamps that start to gently increase in brightness at a specified time. Because this simulates the way your room would slowly fill with natural light from the rising of the sun, you wake up feeling less fatigued, disoriented and grumpy.

The affect is a world away from the sudden jolt we’re used to from our alarm clocks, and leaves you in a much better state to jump in the car and go take early-morning photos.

This isn’t a sponsored post, and there’s no affiliate link – bodyclock alarms are genuinely something you must tryout if you dislike being woken up by your alarm clock.

They also simulate a sunset, which I find helps me drift off to sleep more easily too. Friends of mine I’ve introduced these to have been just as impressed as I have.

Lumie is my favoured brand – though there are others – and prices start at around £60.

You can thank me later!

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