Tips & Technique

Let’s not beat about the bush. Shooting your first wedding can be anxiety-inducing! In this article, we’ll discuss my five top tips for getting the job done well. Hopefully you’ve gained some experience as a second-shooter, so you’ve seen first-hand some of the challenges of wedding photography. Or maybe not! I’d never a shot a … Read more

The bane of every landscape photographers’ life must surely be that rude awakening at some ungodly hour by an alarm clock. The passion for creating memorable images of the natural world motivates us to endure the discomfort, but we wish there was another way. It’s not just landscape photographers that have to deal with insufficient … Read more

A well taken portrait can be truly captivating. Here I present you with three tips that I’ve found have really helped me take better portraits. I hope they help you too! 1) The eyes have it Focus on the eyes. Make sure they are really sharp. Try to get catchlights in the eyes of your … Read more